Case Study #1

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This website came in handy for an assignment I had for the Careers Studies course that I have been taking. Our teacher asked us to conduct information interviews with someone who is currently working in a field we are interested in.

First, I had to research different careers – that’s where this website proved to be very useful. With so many career choices to research, this website narrowed down those choices for me. I am really interested in woodworking and found the description about Cabinetmakers to be exactly what I was looking for.

After choosing a career to research, the next step was to find someone to interview. Although I thought that this would be difficult, finding someone was rather easy. It turns out that my cousin’s friend, Mike graduated from a Woodworking Technician program a few years ago.

I contacted Mike and set up the interview with him on a day suited both our schedules.

Mike was young, energetic guy who had lots to share about his career. Like me, Mike wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after high school. Growing up in a rural community gave him lots of opportunities, many of which involved working with his hands, which he loved to do.

Throughout his school Mike took tech class available to him. It’s what he enjoyed and excelled at. Of all the classes he took, his favourite was woodworking. He enjoyed the creativity, attention to detail and satisfaction that were involved in each project.

After researching various career choices – like I am doing right now – Mike enrolled in a 2 year Woodworking Technician Certificate program at a community college. Through this education, Mike gained the advanced theoretical knowledge of the trade – after all, building anything from wood is more than cutting and gluing a few pieces of wood together.

Immediately after graduation, Mike found a job working for a company that produces trim and flooring for houses – just one of the many areas of a career in Cabinetmaking. And, as Mike is the only person on staff with an educational background related to woodworking, he operates and maintains all of the machinery used in the various processes.

Mike also builds cabinetry, furniture and other wood products as a hobby. His skills also come in handy around the house – last summer he helped my cousin build a deck on his house.

And imagine, Mike could start his own company and become his own boss.

This assignment was a great opportunity to explore a career choice that I may have never considered before. If you are in the process of exploring careers in the skilled trades and technologies, find someone like Mike to chat with. It really opened my eyes, and I’m sure that you’ll discover the same.