Skilled Trade as a Career?

There is a paradox in our society that astounds us. It astonishes educators and government. And it frustrates both industry and labour. How is it that youth unemployment rates continue to increase and at the same time industry and labour cannot find enough skilled workers to keep up with demand?

This is the paradox that the Skills Canada – Ontario team is working to eradicate.

The biggest challenge that we face is the perception that surrounds careers in the skilled trades and technologies. It is widely held by many young people and their parents that these jobs are boring, dirty, and low-paying.

In fact, the opposite is true. People who are employed in the skilled trades and technologies are virtually guaranteed long, productive, and stable careers. They use the most sophisticated technology and they make above-average salaries.

This paradox must be addressed if we hope to succeed in the 21st century. The skills shortage is critical and without a concerted effort by industry, labour, education, and government our place in the global economy will surely suffer.

At Skills Canada – Ontario we have developed the tools to make a difference.